Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello 2010 - Goodbye 2009

It is with great joy that I welcome 2010 and it is with great joy that 2009 is behind us. Not that I had anything against the year - it is just good to see it come to an end. 2009 was a year that from a business perspective was a disappointing twelve months. Sales suffered, customers went through rough times and our people had many challenges. The good news is that even with all that was bad, we were able to add some great equipment ( and improve some processes which will make a considerable difference this year.

Our sales projections for 2010, which were done with a conservative mindset, are 14% above 2009. Unfortunately 2009 was a down year so part of the growth is just getting back what we lost. Even with that being the case, there are good things happening already. Just this week we have had two customers commit to either more large opportunities or better yet, increased business. It just feels good to be getting feedback that is improving.

Now is the time to sit back, count your blessings and work towards a great New Year.

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