Friday, September 25, 2009

Are You Too Busy?

Most people I know view themselves as being too busy. They talk of working too many hours and having more to do than they can possibly get done. Between work, a social life, family, kids baseball, kids social life, a church life and many other personal commitments – it can be easy to get to the point of being overwhelmed.

What is a solution to this type of lifestyle? One way to deal with and cope with a busy life is to begin developing a perspective of minimalism. This doesn't mean sitting in a room all alone and staring at a white wall. It means reducing life to what is really important and then only focusing on those things. There is a blog that I read on occasion called mnmlist. This blog carries posts about this topic and recently had a post on being less busy in a busy world. It is worth a few minutes.

Next time you hear yourself or someone else say they are too busy – point them to this site and help them focus on what is most important while letting the other items fall by the wayside.

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