Friday, July 10, 2009

In-N-Out Burger

Marketing is a tough discipline to master. There are so many approaches and opinions that the goal of becoming a marketing expert can quickly become cloudy. One company has seemed to have mastered the art of simple marketing. This is a way to develop a simple brand, with a simple concept and simple marketing in a way that works together and is successful.

Businessweek recently had an article about In-N-Out Burger and the way they are able to build a brand and do marketing in a nontraditional way. Sometimes the best strategy is to stick to what you are good at and then continue to improve over time.

What is the simple message you can send to your customer? What is the single area you can improve to best serve your customer? What one thing can you stop doing today that does not bring value to the customer? Simple questions - but not simple to implement.

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Mark Mattingly said...

In-N-Out has very few menu items listed but those "in the know" order many combinations that are not on the menu. That is clearly part of the appeal i.e. to have the customers feel like they are part of something exclusive. Any business that can make the customer feel special by the product or service they deliver seems to have an edge, at least in a truly free market economy.