Thursday, July 30, 2009

Improving Direct Mail ROI

There is no reason to spend money on direct mail unless there is a good ROI on the piece. If the direct mail or marketing material does not increase awareness, sell more services or sell more product then there is no reason to invest the money.

One of our duties as a communications company is to help our customers increase the effectiveness of their direct mail and other marketing material. There are many ways to increase ROI and one source for this information is the DMNews website. Recently DMNews ran an article on five ways to increase direct mail ROI.

The first of the ways was to write less copy. Most companies feel the need to try and answer every possible objection in the copy of one direct mail piece. But the reader wants a short read with a clear call to action not a novel.

There are four more great tips at the websites article that are worth the quick read. Hope you enjoy the information and are able to increase the ROI on your direct mail and your marketing materials.

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