Friday, March 20, 2009

The New Reality

Many times over the past few months, I have talked with people that are looking forward to the economy coming back - a return to the way things were. There were times when I found myself feeling this same way. Will things every "come back" to the way they were? I don't think they will.

We are now in a new time. Companies have been forced to reduce staff, look for new ways of doing things and get more results from fewer people, lower costs and less effort. Once a company is able to see there are better ways of operation, there is no need to return to anything that was done before.

The hope of the future isn't to return to some past time. The hope of the future is to improve every process, train everyone in the company to improve himself or herself and continue to do that over and over and over. The future belongs to the companies and the individuals that can do more with less and still improve performance. We plan as a company to be a part of that future.

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