Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Much Longer?

How much longer will we be dealing with this downturn? One person I read stated a normal recession lasts seven to eleven months, so the average of that would be nine months. For our business, we noticed the slow down three month ago, so we may be a third through the pain. Others have stated a less optimistic outlook.

Regardless of how long this recession lasts, I have to do my job. In a local paper about a month ago there was an article about a local CEO of a large steel company. He said that his advice was to come to work, keep a positive outlook and go out and develop new business. Even though this was simple advice it sure makes sense. It's easy to spend time each day talking down the economy and complaining about how hard things are, but that doesn't cause any improvement.

Our job this year is to stay upbeat and develop new business.

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