Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Being thankful is a state of mind that can turn what seems to be a negative into a positive. Looking around the country, there is no shortage of negative news to worry about. The news has done a number on me to the point that I started to question current business and future opportunities.

Then this week happened and I am realizing that there is opportunity everywhere. One of our sales people began a new prospecting plan today on a specific vertical market and with only ten dials, he spoke with two people that had interest in what we do. At that rate, we can add enough new business to hit most of our goal for the next thirteen months.

Every time I start to let the world around impact my outlook, it is nice to just do something positive and realize that there is hope for the future. Doing the same old same old isn't the answer. We have to be trying new ways of getting in front of people that want to do business with us.

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