Friday, September 5, 2008

Risking Pain

It seems that every day I hear someone blame the economy or the price of gas for his or her bad results. Without thinking about it, to look for someone or something to blame for poor sales is the easy way out.

Then I look at a salesperson that is doing well and I hear the same things. "I'm making more calls." "I'm setting up more appointments." "I'm reading a new book on sales." "I'm listening to a set of CD's on improving my mental outlook." These are the activities that the winners do on a regular basis.

Everyone has the opportunity to improve. It doesn't even cost money. Books and CD's are available at public libraries and almost every car has a CD player. With the slowdown we are experiencing, there may even be more opportunity. The excuse makers are sitting in the office waiting for the phones to ring. What the winner is doing is going out and making something happen. We owe it to ourselves to be part of the group that is called winners.

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