Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Power Outage

Here in Central Ohio we have had quite a few people without power since Sunday. The remnants of Hurricane Ike came through and gave us a beating. As bad as it was, it was nothing compared to what Texas went through on Saturday.

At our company, we went about 48 hours without power. On the first day, we were optimistic that the power would come on at any time. We ended the day discouraged. On day two, we started looking for options to get customers work done using other printers in this region. This is never a good option, but it does take care of the customer, so we went down that road.

Before we left for the day yesterday, a great thing happened, the power came back on. It is surprising the joy you get when something like that happens. Every day I take electricity for granted and when I don't have it, there is no fun happening.

Today things are back to normal and we are getting caught up on the schedule. By next week we should be all caught up. What a great feeling to have electricity and all that comes with that power.

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