Friday, August 15, 2008

Sales Planning

How well do you plan your sales efforts? Towards the end of 2007, we realized that some of our larger customers were cutting back on their spending. We also began to see that due to the economy, other customers were rethinking marketing plans. This gave us reason to be concerned.

By the fourth quarter of 2007, we knew we would have to implement a strong sales plan for 2008 if we were going to be able to grow this year. We started looking at existing clients that we had more opportunity with and spent more time working on those opportunities. Our main focus was adding new clients with net new business. Once we knew the goal, our sales people began working on finding and adding the new clients.

As we look back on the first seven months of the year, it is amazing how things happen when there is focus put on those areas of need. We have been able to add enough new business and grow some existing clients that we have offset the reduction of some of our larger clients.

Shortly we will need to plan for 2009. We see great opportunity to have some growth next year. The lesson to ourselves is to never wait until the slowdown starts to begin planning for the ways we can grow.

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