Friday, June 13, 2008

Continuing Training

Being an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program), we are focusing on what that means for everyone that works within the company. One goal of any company is to produce a return for the shareholders. In a public company, those are the people that own stock. In a private company that would be the individual or the family that owns the business. Being that we are employee owned, one of our purposes is to run the business for the long-term benefit of the employees.

Continuing training or education now becomes one of the pillars of our company. Sharing knowledge about how a business works and how to grow the value of the business. This is primarily done by finding what our customers want and need and doing more and more of that every day. When our customers are willing to do business with us, we need to perform that service in a way that takes care of the customer and at the same time earns a good profit for the company and the companies shareholders.

This year we are doing more training than we have ever done in general business concepts and business improvement. We are planning to spend time weekly, monthly and quarterly in business training and Lean Manufacturing training so that we have the best company in the printing industry. It is an exciting time to be in business with so many opportunities to take care of the customer.

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