Thursday, June 5, 2008

Being Recession Proof

I listened to a podcast of a consultant about running a recession proof business. The speaker is Bob Prosen. He spends much of his time talking about three main areas.

Run leaner than the status quo. Any staff that that isn't mission critical needs to be very lean. Over time we have tried to run lean and plan to work overtime most weeks. Then when we have a week or two slow period, we can get through it without much pain.

Identify the organization's top three objectives. These are the big ideas that drive a company and keep it on track.

Don't buy into the theory that recession is failure. We are in a weaker economy and that is just what we have to live with. Instead of worrying or complaining about the economy, we need to be acting as if we are in a recession and as if we are working towards the end of the downturn.

Being in Columbus, OH we are fortunate to be in a fairly strong economy. We have a State capital, a major university and many corporate headquarters. That gives us a better than average chance of remaining pretty stable through a downturn.

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