Friday, May 9, 2008

Paper Recycling

We moved into a new building in 2000 and during the first year we were in this facility, we installed a paper removal system. During the printing process there is waste paper as part of the start up of the presses. When something is printed, there is also waste paper that if around the outer edge of the press sheet. In the past we would gather this waste and take it to a recycling company. Now with the removal system, the paper is moved through a series of tubes in the ceiling and ends up in a machine that shreds and bails the waste paper.

During 2007, we were able to bail 372 tons of paper, gather 535 tons of loose paper and collect 73 tons of office paper waste for a total of 980 tons of paper. This means that 1,960,000 pounds of waste didn't go to a landfill. Instead, it went to a company that recycles the paper into other paper items, including more paper for us to print on.

Our company is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste, both for the cost and the environmental impact. We have 7 key areas of waste reduction that we are working on. With our upcoming Corporate Sustainability Brochure, we will be able to share these 7 areas with all of our employees and our customers.

As a 100% employee owned company, we are all working together to reduce waste.

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