Monday, April 14, 2008

Ongoing Education

One of the new parts to my life is going back to school. I decided that if I had an MBA, I would be better prepared to grow and improve over the next ten years. After meeting with a local school, Ohio Dominican University, I am taking two prerequisites and then beginning my MBA in May.

My first class was Accounting which went pretty smooth. Many of the concepts are things I have used during my time at Hopkins Printing. The instructor did a great job helping me tie the concepts to my day to day operations.

Now I am taking a Statistics course. It is an eight week course and tomorrow I will complete the sixth class. One more take home test and then the final. Because of the level of detail, there isn't as much in this course that is applicable to my daily work. There have been a handful of things that I am able to use, so I am glad that I took the course.

My plan is to begin the MBA program on May the 12th and be done by April of 2010. I think it is going to be a rewarding journey.

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