Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Corporate Sustainability Report

In our plan to let all of our clients know what we are doing to go green, we are putting together a Corporate Sustainability Report. This is a marketing piece that covers the seven distinctive programs we have in place to reduce waste and also to save money and materials.

One of the programs that has the most impact is our solvent recovery unit. This isn't a glamorous machine but it is a machine that has given us a great impact with reducing our waste. In the printing process, a chemical is used to clean the printing presses. In the past we would buy the chemical, use the chemical and then dispose of the chemical using a waste disposal company. It would result in many barrels a year of waste. Now we are still using the same amount of chemical, but instead of using it and then disposing of it, we run it through a machine that is able to recycle the chemical and we are able to reuse the same chemical multiple times.

We are also a major recycler of paper waste. During the printing process, there is waste paper that is a result of the normal printing process. This waste is shredded, bailed and sent to a recycling company to allow the paper to be reused as part of new printing paper and other paper based products.

Our goal is to look for any area within the company that is producing waste and work to eliminate that from our processes. Not only is it good for our children and grandchildren, but it is also generally good for the bottom line. Our goal is to be around for decades to come and we believe this is part of what we have to do to be a company that not only sustains the environment, but also sustains a solid company for all of our owners. Being a 100% employee owned company, that means for all of our employees.

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